portrait by Grześ Czaplicki

portrait by Grześ Czaplicki

PION Studio

Basia Kuligowska and Przemyslaw Nieciecki are fascinated by spaces and their stories, whether evident or as a hidden layer, and how people interact with them. They trying to exposed more than interiors or objects as itself but also to capture the mood and atmosphere.

Technical perfection added to individual touch of artisan craftmenship, tradition of architectural photography supported by finesse details and interest in film photography. In their creative proces the ideas are intuitive and the proces is methodical.

Basia and Przemyslaw live in Warsaw. Both of them graduated from University of Arts in Poznan, Poland with degree in photography.

Established in 2014, based in Warsaw PION Studio is brand working worldwide.



They are working with architects and designers, brands from the field of lighting, design and furniture as well as with hotels and restaurants. Offering all types of photography services from architectural and interior photography, portraits and product shots, to commisions and editorials for magazines and publishing.

Their method is to approach personal projects and commissions in precisely the same manner, on the basis that it’s all PHOTOGRAPHY.




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